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Hurricane Pit Bulls

Some adult dogs are currently for Sale. If interested please email me!


 We are a small family owned kennel located in North Florida. Since 1998 we have been raising and breeding the APBT. We specialize in Reds, Blues and Chocolates, with other colors available from time to time. Color is not our main goal, our goal is to produce dogs with excellent temperments, great confirmation and extreme loyalty to people.

 All of our dogs and puppies are raised around children from birth and we have never had an incident of human aggression. We take time with pups individually in order to adequately socialize them with adults and children.


 Our bloodlines include Red Boy, Jeep, Outlaw, Eli, Gaff, Gotty, Watchdog, Razors Edge Butthead and more. Our dogs range from 50-75+Lbs and from 18"-21" in height. We breed short and wide, and very athletic dogs, so there is something for everyones preferences. All dogs are ADBA and/or UKC registered.


Hurricane Pit Bulls Aim to Please





Kane and his Beagle friend

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